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Authentic Italian Deco-Girl Decals. $10.00 and up. Inquire...

*Use the "Contact" form at bottom of page to Place a Pickup order.

* Nep-Tone pickups, a product of Coral, a tremendous value for a truly hand made pickup.

*Made by hand, one at a time in the U.S.A..

*Exact replacement for original Danelectro, Coral*, Silvertone/Danelectro, Jerry Jones, Reissue Danelectro, Reissue Silvertone/Danelectro, etc. instruments.

*The heart of the pickup is the magnet. I use correct full size Alnico 6 magnets special ordered from a U.S. manufacturer and made to my specs. based on an original 1959 era magnet. Each magnet is then friction taped prior to winding exactly as the originals were. The best available vintage correct 42 AWG "Plain Enamel" coil wire is used, and most importantly, its wound directly onto the magnet. This is a step others avoid due to its difficulty. They'll use a combination of smaller magnets {of the wrong type}, thinner incorrect gauge coil wire, or a P-90 bobbin to mount the magnet in and wind on, all incorrect. I also use high quality N.O.S. "New Old Stock" brass-drawn chrome plated Lipstick tube covers, and the vintage style aluminum mounting brackets are all made custom in house on the very jigs pickup designer Tom Holmes designed/built for Jerry Jones Guitars.

*Base price - STOCK wind/SATIN cover = $59.00.

*Add $10.00 - CUSTOM wind.

*Add $20.00 - OVERWOUND

*Base price - STOCK wind/CHROME cover = $69.00.

*Add $10.00 - CUSTOM wind.

*Add $20.00 - OVERWOUND

*"STOCK" wind = up to 3.9K. 

*"CUSTOM" wind = 4K - 4.9K.

*"OVERWOUND" = 5K and up.  


*Custom winds/vintage rewinds our specialty. 


Customer comments:

*"Pickup sounds great, IMHO, way better than SD lipstick clone."

*"Amazing lipstick pickups, open, jangly, and responsive."

*"Awesome product!"

*“Super deal!!!!!"

*"Outstanding workmanship - Recommend highly." 

*"Top pickups & fantastic helpful service - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

*"Absolutely perfect!"


*"All I can say is, great product great price."

*"Better than advertised."

*"A truly great sounding pickup."

*"Happy with my pickups! Customer service was great!"

*"The Nep-Tune has the jangle chime and magic and has this throb that pulsates."

*"I LOVE this pickup!!! That Tone IS to die for!"

*"Better sustain and decay with that inimitable jangle chime!"

*"Really love the Nep-Tone and its tone best."

*"They arrived Thursday, and I'm very impressed, you've done a brilliant job!"

*"They are superb...many, many thanks.” 

*"Thanks for the great pickups and the outstanding service”

*"Your pickups are very good. They sound more 'open', with much wider range and deep lows and highs.

Also, the attack of the lower strings has a distinct clear chunky character."